Dates & Facts

Trier Galerie, Trier

Contracting authority:
Trier Galerie GmbH & Co. KG
Gross surface area:
approx. 32.500 sqm
Retail rental space:
approx. 20.000 sqm
Retail levels:
Parking for cars:
rund 950

A new shopping experience for the old Roman city

Trier Galerie

Malls should do more than just offer shopping facilities under one roof. Ideally, they should be a place where people can linger, a marketplace where residents can meet and share the latest news. These characteristics make shopping centers exciting new centers of activity in the city.


And old Roman city with contemporary flair – The Porta Nigra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the symbol of the city of Trier. Built around 180 AD, it is the best preserved Roman city gate north of the Alps. But Trier is an exciting destination for other reasons as well: every year millions of visitors come to the city to attend cultural events and go shopping.


In addition to being an old Roman town, Trier is Germany’s oldest city. Commerce and trade have a history here that dates back over 2,000 years. The city has a retail centrality index of 231, making it a leading German retail location. »Trier Galerie« was built by TRIGON Immobilien and opened in 2008.



The modern mall area – covered with a glass roof – has a delightful at-mosphere that invites visitors to stop, take a break and enjoy the surroundings. Colorful accents and fine-quality building materials character-ize the interior architecture,

giving a new quality to shopping in Trier. On three floors flooded with natural daylight, shops like Fink, Kult, S. Oliv-er, Thalia and Zara set the standard for the latest shopping trends.


The Trier Galerie is being built in the heart of Trier, in the highly popular Fleischstrasse, which is part of a large pedestrian zone.


Shoppers will have 950 customer parking spots at their disposal in the adjacent city car park. The car park is directly linked to the Trier Galerie via a tunnel and a pedestrian bridge.


The Trier Galerie is located at a prime location in the center of town with direct access to the Fleischstrasse pedestrian zone and the Kornmarkt. It can be reached by car via the Böhmerstrasse entrance and Zuckerbergstrasse,

providing direct access to the city car park. Shoppers traveling by bus can easily reach the Trier Galerie from the Nikolaus-Koch-Platz bus stop, with direct access via Metzelstrasse.


The Trier Galerie sets new standards in the region. On 20,000 sq m of retail space, there are some 80 shops representing all sectors and a wide range of restaurants and service providers. In addition to businesses that meet people’s daily needs, there are attractive fashion and lifestyle shops.



In the basement, which can be reached via an escalator or accessed from the car park, the focus is on young fashion and items that shoppers buy on a regular basis. An attractive mixture of shops from this segment will make this level highly appealing.

The ground level can be accessed by walking from the pedestrian zone through the main entrance on Fleischstrasse. It can also be reached from Metzelstrasse. In addition to fashion and lifestyle shops, including Biba, Christ, S. Oliver and Zara, as well as a Thalia bookshop, this level also features a food court covering roughly 900 sq m. Here visitors can relax and enjoy regional and international specialties.

Attractive sports, fashion and service shops like Kult, Fink Schuhe, Sport Fink, Hallhuber etc. characterize the first floor with a wide range of offers. An ice cream parlor gives shoppers an opportunity to take a relaxing break. The first floor is connected to the ground floor by escalators, and linked to the bright and friendly city car park by a bridge.

On the second floor, the young fashion store Kult has a large sales area, and there is modern space for offices and services.

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