During the development and realization of shopping centers, many parameters have to be taken into consideration. In addition to creating architecture that can be integrated into existing urban structures and environments, size, location, catchment area and tenant structures are additional criteria that need to be considered.


Over the past few years, TRIGON Immobilien has developed the “gallery concept” for shopping centers. This model benefits from our experience and knowledge gained over the past 15 years in the area of retail real estate development. The gallery concept was designed for inner cities and encompasses clear architectural divisions along with a functional approach to meet the needs of retail tenants and their customers.

With surface areas ranging from 18,000 to 28,000 sq m, the gallery concept has a size that is appropriate for inner cities and complements
existing retail structures and shopping streets. This generates synergies that boost business for both the shopping center and existing retail shops.

In order to work perfectly, this concept requires strong anchor tenants and a well thoughtout mix of shops. It is a good idea to integrate public services into the shopping center, such as a city library, as this enhances customer frequency and overall acceptance among the population.


In addition to shopping centers, TRIGON Immobilien designs and realizes retail centers for the local population in urban settings. Rental spaces of up to 10,000 sq m are created for retail shops, and occasionally for other purposes, depending on the environment.


Existing shopping centers that were built many years ago suffer from high competitive pressure and require modernization to compensate for clear signs of aging. As their competitiveness diminishes, they no longer meet the demands of retail tenants, and gradually lose customer acceptance due to outdated standards that detract from the shopping experience. As a result, customer frequencies and sales drop, and rents and profits fall.

The advantage of many older shopping centers is that they enjoy ideal inner city locations, giving owners an excellent opportunity to recapitalize their holdings through revitalization and expansion projects.

TRIGON Immobilien offers owners of existing shopping centers the benefits of its wide range of experience and proven network of professionals, built upon years of doing project development work and establishing contacts in the retail rental market.

With the development of a revitalization study, TRIGON Invest proposes appropriate commercial measures and construction projects, monitors the building work, handles renting the property and, if required, searches for suitable investors, either before or after revitalization has been completed. The result is a shopping center that is once again competitive and profitable.


TRIGON Immobilien is constantly on the lookout for new sites in German inner cities to build shopping centers. In addition, we are interested in launching revitalization projects for existing shopping centers and taking over development projects. We look forward to hearing from you. You will find contact information in the margin.

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