TRIGON Immobilien is a recognized leading developer for major real estate projects and asset management.
It specializes in the development of shopping centers, hotels, commercial projects and residential housing construction.

Service areas


TRIGON Immobilien offers services both as a specialist and a general contrac-tor. In our core business areas of hotel development, shopping centers, commercial property, logistics and residential buildings, we handle all services ranging from location evaluations and acquisitions to planning, development and rentals.

Specialists: development

When it comes to development, we deal with overall business concepts. As service providers, direct cooperation partners and independent developers, we manage and monitor real estate development projects from the initial concept right up to turnkey delivery.

TRIGON Invest has years of experience in the turnkey planning and building of individual commercial and residential properties. Based on this experience, TRIGON Invest focuses on the following select areas:

  • Retail development
  • Shopping centers (new development and revitalization)
  • Specialized retail outlets
  • Hotel development
  • Hotels in prime locations
  • Logistics and business parks
  • Residential
  • Asset management for real estate property
  • Modernization and renovation of old buildings
  • New residential building construction

General contractors: project development

TRIGON Immobilien can provide its customers with services throughout the entire project development process.

Here are the core areas of expertise at TRIGON Immobilien

  • administrative tasks such as utilization concepts, cost calculations, building permits, contract management, liquidity planning, cost control, scheduling, etc.
  • commercial and technical project development
  • marketing of retail and office space as well as residential housing
  • brokering leases (hotels and office space)
  • sales to real estate investors

Construction site management and general planning is primarily handled by INTERTEC Ingenieurgesellschaft für Hochbau mbH, a close and long-time affiliate of TRIGON Immobilien.
Marketing and rental

No matter how innovative or functional a building may be, the ultimate key to success is tenant structure. TRIGON Invest goes right to work during the project planning stage by developing special utilization and usertailored marketing and rental concepts – and ensuring that these are consistently implemented.

Our longstanding experience and outstanding contacts on the rental market guarantee our – and your – continued success.

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