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Residential Park Staaken, Berlin

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An oasis just outside the big city

Residential Park Staaken

According to historic documents, the first Slavs settled in the area around Spandau back in the 8th century. Spandau was accorded city rights back in 1232, making it five years older than the city of Berlin. In 1920, this quiet city was incorporated into Berlin. Today, Spandau remains an oasis with a unique character.


Spandau is renowned for its spacious green areas and numerous historic buildings and churches. This pleasant district is an ideal place to relax and get some fresh air. At the same time, public transportation rapidly takes passengers to the center of Berlin in virtually no time at all. TRIGON Immobilien has chosen this attractive district to build the Residential Park Staaken residential area, which includes over 500 residential units and its own daycare center.

Residential Park features impressive architecture and extensive parklike green areas. During the summer, residents can escape the noise of the big city, relax on their balconies, and meet with neighbors. Yet the bustling big city of Berlin is just around the corner…

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