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Flensburg Gallerie, Flensburg

Contracting authority:
Flensburg Galerie GmbH & Co. KG
Gross surface area:
approx. 47.000 sqm
Retail rental space:
approx. 20.000 sqm
Retail levels:
Parking for cars:
250 in der eigenen Tiefgarage, weitere 750 in einem benachbarten, angeschlossenen Parkhaus

Harmonizing customer needs and historic preservation

Flensburg Gallerie

When it comes to designing shopping malls, the challenge is often to find solutions that integrate modern architecture into historic inner city structures without destroying the homogeneity of the urban landscape. At the same time, the architecture should have a contemporary and inviting appearance to make shopping a memorable experience.


Dykes, sailing, tourism and the longest shopping street in the state of Schleswig Holstein. Flensburg, Germany’s northernmost city, is a popular tourist destination. The main attraction is the historic old city with the longest shopping street in Schleswig Holstein. The Flensburg Galerie has significantly enhanced the attractiveness of this shopping area.


TRIGON Immobilien developed an inner city shopping center in Flensburg, Germany’s northernmost city. An attractive and modern shopping center was built in the traditional port city to complement the pedestrian mall and the main retail street. The fascinating challenge here involved integrating a new ensemble into existing urban structures in a manner that was in keeping with the surrounding historic protected buildings.


With the help of an unobtrusive glass construction, it was possible to integrate a 400-year-old historic building into the main entrance of the shopping mall. The project is a successful example of how modern architecture can be tastefully incorporated into an historic inner city.


The Flensburg Galerie is located at a prime location between Holm and Angelburger Strasse. The main entrance faces the bustling Südmarkt market square. All the planning has paid off: the Flensburg Galerie, whose name was chosen by a large number of city residents, has become a popular shopping mall that is visited by over 18,000 people every day.


There are over 250 customer parking spots in the shopping center’s underground parking and an additional 740 parking spots available in the car park accessible via a pedestrian bridge.


The shopping center enjoys a prime inner city location, directly on the »Holm« and »Angelburger Strasse« pedestrian malls,

and is easily reached by car via Süderhofenden Boulevard with direct access to both parking areas. The Flensburg Galerie can also be reached by bus. Passengers stop at the main bus terminal and walk directly through the Holmpassage.


This spacious inner city shopping center has approx. 20,000 sq m of retail rental space. Thanks to an attractive variety of shops, with over 80 stores on three levels, 250 parking spots in the underground garage, and an additional 740 spots in the neighboring car park, the Flensburg Galerie offers consumers a special shopping experience. The city library, an evening school for adults, the Flensburg Cultural Office, and additional offices make this shopping mall a service center that is unique in northern Germany.


The Flensburg Galerie has achieved a high degree of attractiveness thanks to the presence of strong anchor tenants. Food and tasty snacks are the main focus on the ground floor at Angelburger Strasse. German supermarket chain REWE has 1,900 sq m of space in the shopping center – its first store in the port city. Right next to REWE is a large food court, where nine restaurants keep hungry shoppers satisfied. Additional service shops and stores round out the mix of offers on this level.

On the Holm ground floor level, the Danish lifestyle department store Sinnerup has opened its first branch in Germany. Here shoppers can choose from clothing made in the store’s own plants, high-quality items for the home, kitchen utensils and small pieces of furniture on over 2,500 sq m of floor space. In addition, visitors will find highly attractive fashion and trend shops like Kult, Tally, Weijl, Jeans Fritz, Jack Wolfskin and L’Zwo. Shoe and jewelry stores like Lloyd, Clarks Gabor and Roland Schuhe help make a trip to the Flensburg Galerie a real shopping highlight.

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